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Food Serve Help:

Please message any support queries on your Whatsapp group. 

Keith, Jason and Tamara work an on call rota for support. 

We answer urgent queries Monday – Sat from 9am – 10pm and Sunday from 1pm – 10pm. 

Non urgent queries (pricing updates / new menu items etc..) will be answered during office hours




Leaving tablet to run on battery can cause connection issues and

stop orders coming through.

My Printer dosen't work:

1. Make sure the wifi on the tablet is connected to the same network
as the printer

2. Turn the printer off and wait 1 minute, then on again. When the
printer connects to your network it will print off a small receipt with
the IP address (1.2.168.xx.xx)

3. On your tablet press the menu button > thermal printer > refresh /
scan for printers > network cable – Then search and select your

4. Contact us via whatsapp group if this doesn’t fix your printer

My Internet is down

Customers will be able to make orders during your opening hours. If
your internet goes down you can do the following.

1. Activate a personal hotspot on your mobile phone

2. Connect the tablet to your hotspot
Click the Circle button at the bottom of screen,

Go to Settings > Network and Internet > WLAN / Wifi and select your
phone’s hotspot

3. Take orders using the tablet only – the printer will not print.

4. Reset your internet

5. When internet is working, go to wifi settings on your tablet and
forget/delete the mobile phone wifi. Then connect to existing wifi.
The printer should work again.